Discussion of Two Recent Perspectives on Digital Humanities

I wanted to flag this discussion topic in advance, in the hope that you will have time to read the materials. In my lecture, I will draw from two recent conference papers, both from the same panel session at last year's MLA. ("Varieties of Digital Humanities," Modern Language Association Annual Meeting, New York City, January 5, 2018 https://mla.confex.com/mla/2018/meetingapp.cgi/Session/2517) These two talks raise an ostensible tension between two perspectives on digital humanities and, by extension, the ways text analysis techniques are deployed in DH. The first talk was Ted Underwood's, “A Broader Purpose,” self-published at https://tedunderwood.com/2018/01/04/a-broader-purpose/. The second is Lauren F. Klein's "Distant Reading After Moretti," self-published at http://lklein.com/2018/01/distant-reading-after-moretti/

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