Class Discussion Facilitator Assignment

Due Date: Dates set individually (sign-up sheet)

Submission Instructions: Three discussion questions due by email by noon on the Wednesday before your presentation (notes or outline due in class)

Assignment Description:

Once this term, each student will prepare a brief oral presentation (8-10 minutes) framing the week's set of readings and help facilitate class discussion when we discuss those readings. This will include submitting--via email by noon on the Wednesday before your presentation--three class discussion questions that are related to your week's readings. (Note that the class discussion facilitator should always read any recommended but not required readings for your designated week.

There is no need to write a formal paper in connection with this assignment. Instead, your presentation should be conversational and informal, guided by either notes or an outline. Whichever format you choose, something should be written down on a piece of paper or typed in a document, as I want you to turn it in at the end of your designated class day.

I have added a link to the weekly calendar to a digital sign-up sheet, which will help us determine the order of these presentations. Please visit and click on the link to the Google Drive document. Add your name to a day that looks particularly interesting or connected to your something you want to focus on. I will take on the role of facilitator for any leftover days.